Cleaning After A Party

Cleaning After A Party

Hosting a party can be the best kind of party to attend! You know you’ll like the food because you bought it and prepared it. You are surrounded by people you actually want to be with. And when the party’s over, you simply have to crawl into your bed. But then there the down side… the clean up! Whether it’s a small gathering with your ‘bubble’ of friends to watch the big game or a blowout with dozens of attendees, clean up is the pits. Here are some tricks to get your place looking less like a frat house and more like home again:


  • Start With Trash Collection – Grab a garbage bag and start going through room by room. This is much more efficient than shuttling trash to the normal receptacle. As soon as they’re full, get the bags out to the garbage bins. Clearing the trash is a huge step towards reclaiming your home.


  • Kitchen & Dishes – Before dealing with the dishes and glasses, clear and clean the counters. This will create space for you to corral all the dirty plates and drinkware onto. Empty the dishwasher and fill the sink with soapy warm water for the dirtiest silverware and dishes to soak in while you attend to other parts of the house. NOTE: A GREAT way to make this step easier is to use disposable plates and silverware for your party. Quality paper plates and plasticware will shorten your cleanup and still make your guests feel as though you “spared no expense” for their company.


  • Go Room By Room – Cleaning room by room will help you stay focused, feel the accomplishment, and create clean spaces you can stop and take a break in. Start with the rooms and spaces farthest away from the kitchen. That way you aren’t constantly traipsing through already cleaned areas. Do this for every room BUT save all the floors for last.


  • Top To Bottom Cleaning – A great habit for any cleaning chore is to work top to bottom. Start with shelves, counters, and surfaces, and work your way down until all that remains to be cleaned is the floor. This will keep you from wiping dust and crumbs from a table onto an already cleaned floor.


  • Call The Experts for your Floor – Congratulations you did it! Now all that remains is your floors and carpets, with all their crumbs, footprints, and minor spills. That’s when you call in the professionals to get your place looking better than before the party.


When it comes to rescuing your floors, no job is too big or too small for the pros at Braxton Cleaning Solutions. We will have your spaces looking, smelling, and feeling fresh and new in no time!


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